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September 2018

by Thea Lam

This unique and nearly wordless picture book follows a brown-skinned, dark-haired girl as she reluctantly moves into a new home and discovers a magical world hidden behind her wallpaper. As she unpacks her new room, she overhears conversations outside her window with a group of kids from the neighborhood playing nearby. She is too shy to say hello though and hides when they see her. Soon after an upturned corner of wallpaper gives way to a bird peeking out, and a flock of birds are released when she pulls the paper back! The girl enters a beautiful flower-filled world where she encounters a monster. As the protagonist attempts to escape the monster by pulling back more and more wallpaper to reveal world after world, an unexpected friendship is formed. Thanks to this imaginary friendship the girl gathers the courage to make new, real friendships with her new neighbors. This visually interesting book is sure to please young readers and is great for kids struggling with making new friends. Recommended for children ages 4-8.  

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POSTED: September 10, 2018



Hawk RisingHawk Rising
by Maria Gianferrari; Illustrated by Brian Floca

Caldecott award winning illustrator Floca teams up with talented writer Gianferrari for this beautiful new non-fiction picture book all about hawks. The spare, poetic prose combined with the lovely, realistic watercolors present a day in the life of a red-tailed hawk. “Hooked beak, sharp as a knife. / Head turning./ Eyes searching./ Chicks waiting.” A muted and earthy color palette illustrates moments from Father Hawk’s day as he looks for prey, sunbathes, dives after a chipmunk, and finally snags a squirrel to bring back to the nest for a meal. All this plays out while a girl and her younger sister in a suburban neighborhood use binoculars to watch from a distance. The clever pacing and placement of text match the bird’s actions across, up, and down the page. This fascinating introduction to the red-tailed hawk ends with interesting facts about this common bird of prey and suggested further reading for young bird-watchers looking to dive deeper. Recommended for children ages 4–8.

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POSTED: September 5, 2018


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