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July 2018

Let the Children MarchLet the Children March
by Monica Clark-Robinson; Illustrated by Frank Morrison

This is a powerful and thought-provoking book about how children played an important role in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. The Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, Alabama is brought to life with the moving and poetic words  by the author  and with the emotionally-filled illustrations  of the brave children marching by the illustrator. In May 1963, thousands of children marched protesting the laws that kept black people separate from white people in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. They were faced with water hoses , a hostile police force and jail but the children kept marching day after day.  The violence and the danger faced by the children were documented on national television. Officials were forced to acknowledge the Civil Rights Movement and changes were started to be made. This book would be appropriate for early elementary aged children because of the tactful way the story and illustrations handle the sensitive material but it would be more appropriate for older elementary students for discussion about being brave and standing up for what is right. For Grades K and up.

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POSTED: July 16, 2018



The Bat Can Bat: A Book of True Homonyms
The Bat can Batwritten and illustrated by Gene Barretta

This is an informative but fun to read book explaining homonyms using animal athletes in a variety of different sports situations. What is a homonym? It is a word that has different meanings but is always spelled the same. In this book, the homonym, bat, is featured as “the BAT can BAT” and illustrated with a bat playing baseball. How about a STEER who tries to STEER his skateboard? He falls in a well by mistake. For clear identification, the homonyms are printed in capital letters throughout the book while the delightful illustrations in the vertical or horizontal full-color page spreads help that readers understand how words can be the same yet different . The  "Note to the Reader" at the end includes useful definitions of homonyms, homophones, and homographs. This clever wordplay book will not only explain homonyms but also entertain readers with its colorful and funny  illustrations. For grades 2-4.

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POSTED: July 9, 2018



Plant, Cook, Eat!: A Children's CookbookPlant, Cook, Eat!
by Joe Archer and Caroline Craig

This new, all-inclusive, comprehensive, hands-on, garden- to- kitchen cookbook is a perfect guide to introduce children (and even adults) to the joys of gardening and cooking. The hands- on activities will not only get children interested in gardening but also in cooking with the healthy, and kid friendly recipes that are included. The  bright photo illustrations  featuring children and the very organized sections help readers to discover how to plant seeds in a variety of places, to watch them grow and germinate and other related topics such as how to determine what plant parts can be eaten, how to identify pests in the gardens, and how to compost. Besides the gardening tips, clear step by step instructions will show readers how to use these home-grown crops to cook everything from bean and bacon spaghetti to kale pesto pasta to chocolate beet cake. There are photos included of all the finished products. Many pages include interesting facts about the nutrients and medicinal uses of the different vegetables. There is a glossary and index at the end with further information for readers on the different types of vegetable varieties and where to get supplies. This is an excellent book for children and families to share if they want to do some gardening.For grades 3 and up.

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POSTED: July 2, 2018


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