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March 2017

Home Sweet HotelHome Sweet Motel
by Chris Grabenstein; illustrated by Brooke Allen

Home Sweet Motel is the first book in the new series, Welcome to Wonderland. Eleven year old  P.T. Wilkie, his mother, and grandfather run the Wonderland Motel in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida but they are struggling to keep it open. They may have to sell it if they can’t find the money to pay a loan that is coming due in a month’s time. P.T. and his friend Gloria work together to develop some money making plans to save the motel. One scheme involves finding some stolen diamonds that were hidden somewhere in the motel years ago and collect the reward money before the crooks, fresh out of prison, come back for the same money.  Readers of James Patterson’s I Funny series should give this new series a try. Funny, laugh out-loud, short chapters, wacky characters, a little mystery, and lots of illustrations make this a fast-paced and quick read. The book also includes some funny add-ons at the end of the book, such as how to say, “Help! The Toilet is is Clogged!” in more than 20 languages. Recommended for grades 4-6.

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POSTED: March 27, 2017




Doll Bones by Holly Black 

Doll BonesReaders looking for a spooky adventure story will not be able to put Black’s Doll Bones down! Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in Children's Literature and a 2014 Newbery Medal Honor Book , this story follows three friends as they attempt to return a haunted doll, made from the ashes of a young girl who died years ago, to her grave. Despite the creepy premise there are not very many ghostly appearances by the deceased girl and only a few mildly scary scenes. Doll Bones is a fun, well-written, coming of age journey- perfect for fans of Goosebumps and recommended for readers ages 9-12.

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POSTED: March 21, 2017



Snow White by Matt Phelan
Snow White

Phelan has published a beautifully crafted, unique retelling of the classic Snow White story that is sure to please fans of both the graphic novel format and fairy tales. Snow White is set in 1920s New York City and interestingly reads like a blend of historical fiction and realistic fantasy. Samantha White, nicknamed Snow, lost her mother at a young age. When her wealthy father remarries Snow finds herself the stepdaughter of an ambitious actress known as “The Queen of Follies”. Snow’s father has a ticker tape in the family’s apartment, which is constantly spitting out stock market updates, and takes the place of the Queen’s magical mirror in this reimagining. Slowly driven mad with jealousy from reading the messages on the tape, the stepmother hires a man to kill Snow. She luckily is saved by a gang of seven orphaned boys, a clever twist on the seven dwarves.  The stepmother eventually tricks Snow with a poison apple, but is saved by the dashing Detective Prince. Phelan’s nearly colorless watercolor evokes a dreamy tone and successfully continue the narrative when dialogue is absent.  Snow White is a stand-out graphic novel recommended for tween readers ages 9-12.

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POSTED: March 13, 2017



All The Dirt: A History of Getting Clean
by Katherine Ashenburg

All The DirtAshenburg has written a very interesting, readable non-fiction title that outlines the history of human hygiene. That might sound boring at first, but this book is a really fun read! All the Dirt covers the history of bathing, waste management, washing of clothes, changing definitions of “clean”, and more. Young readers and adults alike will be surprised at some of the facts in this book, such as how people living in France during the eighteenth century might not have bathed more than once a year!  From the ancient Romans, medieval Europeans, and current practices in Zimbabwe and India- this book covers a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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POSTED: March 6, 2017


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