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May 2018

The Night DiaryThe Night Diary
by Veera Hiranandani

The Night Diary transports readers to India in 1947 during a tumultuous and dangerous time in world history, the period after India was newly independent from British rule and is subsequently split into India and Pakistan. Tensions are high and crossing the new border is dangerous as conflict between Hindus, Muslim, Sikhs, and other religious sects escalate. Readers meet twelve year old Nisha, who lost her mother during childbirth, and lives with her father, grandmother, family cook and twin brother. Her family is Hindu, although her mother was Muslim, and her father says they are longer safe in Pakistan. This forces them to leave their home and make a break for the new country border so that they may safely transplant the family in India. During this dangerous trek, Nisha learns much about herself and her family. This realistic, gripping, and very emotional tale shows how one family deals with a country torn in two, as families are forced to be separated from those they love, and the immense cost of such conflicts on the people who must survive through them. Recommended for readers ages 12 and up.

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POSTED: May 21, 2018




Splish, Splash Ducky!
Splish, Splash, Duckyby Lucy Cousins

Cousins, author of classic children’s books including the Maisy series, has released a delightful new picture book introducing an adorable character for kids to love, a fluffy little baby duck named Ducky Duckling. Readers will follow Ducky as she plays in the rain and meets other animals, greeting each new moment with an enthusiastic “Quack, quack, quack!”. Kids will love quacking along with Ducky and seeing all of the fun activities you can do on a rainy day outside, beautifully illustrated in Cousins’ signature style of bright and cheery colors outlined in black. A great book ideally suited for reading aloud with toddlers and preschoolers. Recommended for ages 2-6.

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POSTED: May 14, 2018



Yoga Friends: A Pose-By-Pose Partner Adventure For Kids
by Mariam Gates and Rolf Gates Illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder

Yoga FriendsFans of Gates’ prior yoga books Good Night Yoga and Good Morning Yoga will love her latest entry in the pose by pose yoga series, Yoga Friends. Teachers, parents, and little yogis will find a familiar format here as twelve poses are described in rhyming text with a diverse cast of illustrated children modeling the poses. This book is especially fun because these poses are meant to be done with a partner! As with much yoga instruction, many poses are compared to animals, plants, or other pieces of the natural world. The final pages include brief instructions for caregivers or teachers on combining the poses for a yoga flow as well as a “Mirror Me” activity aimed at teachers. Recommended for ages 4-8.

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POSTED: May 7, 2018



Petraby Marianna Coppo

Coppo’s adorable and optimistic new picture book, Petra, gives a sweet and playful look at identity and how we see ourselves through the story of a small rock who believes she is so much more. The illustrations are beautiful and magical, displaying subdued tones and effectively displaying a range of emotions on Petra’s face as she is bounced from one situation to another. In one spread she envisions herself as a tiny island full of potential only to be whisked away, another spread depicts her after she ends up in a bird’s nest and is abruptly booted out to yet another environment.  Eventually she is picked up by a child who takes her home and paints her to look like an elephant, finding Petra to be something special just as Petra felt she was all along! A lovely and universal story about flexibility, change, and optimism. Recommended for readers ages 3-7. .

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POSTED: April 30, 2018



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